Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

Jeanne-Pierre Jeunet

2001 - France

Color palette:


Amelie Poulaine is a special young girl, working as a waitress, and spends a quiet life while having fun with simple and unusual hobbies, how to break the crust of crème brulée with spoon, blow up the rocks in the water and soak your fingers in dry beans. The August 31, 1997 will be the day that will change your life: learning the news of the death of Lady Diana the falls from his hands a bottle cap that topples a tile behind which, who knows how long before, a child had hidden a tin box with memories of his childhood. Amelie decides to return the toys to the child now grown and devote himself to helping people that are around, until you reach the time to indulge herself and get carried away by love.

In this series of curious and original actions of funny French girl, special attention it should be reserved for the work which the Director Jeunet made from the point of view of narrative environments and details how the objects and colours. All the time in history a voice-over follows the adventures of Amelie, commenting critically and attentive. The characters have specific characters that have accurate dialogue and never banal. The shots show the attention to detail, creating this “different” world, halfway between the romantic and poetic atmosphere typical of French city and across a surreal and confusing place. As the protagonist, all the actors seem to live in a disenchanted world, in a fairy-tale Paris which, thanks to technology and photography by Bruno Delbonnel, reminiscent of tones and colours of Impressionist paintings. Music by Yann Tiersen do background at all, picking up the French folk tradition with accordion and piano.