Randall Kleiser

1978 - USA

Color palette:


The meaning of the most popular musical comedy of all time is, surprisingly, in a single word:  brilliant

Set in the years ‘ 50 tells of the romance between the gentle, romantic and dreamy Sandy Olsson and Australian the macho, all friends and machines, Danny Zuko who, at the end of a ceaseless push and pull, can finally bloom.

What really makes this movie unforgettable and incomparable style is defined by screenplay by Bronte Woodard and photography by Bill Butler, which well illustrate the environments, objects and habits typical of the post-war years.

Grease becomes a real icon that does not pass over time, thanks to the look of the characters, at the drive-in cinema, at the bar with the jukebox, the big shiny machines and convertibles up to school dances and Pompom girls, representing in a real lifestyle.

Director Randal Kleiser gave free rein to the imagination, almost thirty years after recreating a Fifties-style made of blue jeans, leather, red lipstick, hair a dearth or collected in pony tale code, high-waisted pants and skirts to rotate, all obviously pulled to with abundant doses of brilliance.