Kill Bill

Quentin Tarantino

2003 - USA

Color palette:

Kill B

The result of the genius of Director Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill is a structured masterpiece, with continuous flashback episodes between past and present that create in the viewer a sense of disorientation. Great lover of spaghetti westerns, manga, movies, kung-fu of the years ‘ 60/’ 70 or Japanese martial arts, unable to give up his passion, decides to fuse them all together.

Appear so completely unrelated sequences from the rest of the film, as some scenes filmed in black and white and like a comic book. So too the music chosen by Tarantino reflect, once again, his love for stylistic and cultural genres very far between them, with which he manages to create an unusual and perfect mix between dance tracks 70 years, traditional Japanese motifs and soft blues ballads. The result is a contradictory and absurd, chaotic and exaggerated out of proportion, but that actually hides great logic and balance.

The beautiful Uma Thurman, with his overall shooting from Bruce Lee and the Onitsuka Tiger Asics’s feet, all invariably yellow with black bands, has created a veritable fashion, with the reappearance of yellow (which had remained in obscurity from the years ‘ 80) even on the catwalks, as well as the Japanese collegiate look. The woman will be a Centaur, motorcyclist dismissive of danger, with the leather suit not only riding but throughout the day. Tarantino, also with regard to clothing, did not want to leave anything to chance: during a fight, you notice that the shoes have soles that are custom written “FUCK U”.