La Grande Bellezza

Paolo Sorrentino

2013 - Italia

Color palette:

GRande bellezza



An entirely imaginary journey with the force of the images, the Visual virtuosity, relentless, and mounting a soundtrack that stuns with the disco-music and enchant with sacred music, Sally wanted to tell a Babylon desperate in the heart of the capital.

The narrative, full of lengthy monologues, is treated so far as a hologram in the background, which slips from one floor to another, from one situation to another, leaving tracks and sudden sketches.

Jep Gambardella, brilliant King of Capitoline worldliness, takes us into a world invented on the brink of despair, able to judge and judge.

With the sweet Neapolitan inflection, the magnificent orange or Yellow Jackets over white trousers, the hat of the same color, a cigarette always between his fingers, complacent smile who is always at the center of the feast but not of his life.

The protagonist is the personification of his own city, which is found in the silence and solitude of dawn and in the hope that maybe will be able to go back to once.

Have a break from the hubbub and chaos, where you can find great beauty: a wonderful city, handed out to tourists, invisible to the Romans. The austere beauty of Rome will appear every now and then, like a precious relic of its history, while the crowd of the privileged will look at the faces of the ladies rebounded.

The great beauty, directed by Paolo Sorrentino, was presented in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Won the Oscar for best foreign film, the Golden Globe Award for best foreign language film, the BAFTA Award for best foreign language film, four European Film Awards, five silver Ribbons and numerous other international awards.