Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson

2012 - USA

Color palette:


As in the entire Filmography of Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom also appears as a distant world stuffed with healthy realism and even more healthy imagination.

A modern fairy tale of love, characterized by a fusion of graphic and symbolic elements that shape the entire audio-visual apparatus.

An interesting element that makes this film beautifully playful and Moody is the lettering specially designed by type designer Jessica Hische.

On request the staff Director, Jessica has designed an elegant font to sans-serif typeface characterized by graceful curves and friendly and deliberately shaped ornaments on the appearance and General stylistic movie sensations.

Inspirational Mood for Jessica were two fonts suggested by Anderson: Edwardian Script, but too formal restraint by the Director and then you want to change, and the lettering of the film La Femme Fatale, stylistically too French 40 ‘s and to make more American 60 ‘s.

Even the chromatic form of texts, with the use of bright and pastel, bright is a graphic appearance which has contributed to the Visual and stylistic rendering of the film, condensing and humid atmospheres and binding of nostalgic of the location.

Is the detail to build as “excess” and not the enclosing context.

Enigmatic figures remain definitely Suzy and her inseparable telescope with which looks towards the camera or better yet toward something in the distance. Is the only character to appear and to look out for that House, symbolic sign of refinement and value that will have her figure in the whole movie.