The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson

2014 - Germany, France

Color palette:

The grand budapest hotel


Every scene of Wes Anderson is a picture.

No detail is left to chance (color, arranging objects and persons) you can indeed say that his films are composed of a sequence of manicured paintings, each with precise and intrinsic schema palette and long revered for their warm atmosphere.

The Grand Hotel Budapest has undergone significant changes in style and color: pink, the predominant colour of the film, is the result of a careful work of moovie making and programming in post production.

Wes Anderson’s worlds are tailored for his characters: each one is distinct from a specific feature Interior that is reflected in a van pool (a hat, a haircut, a birthmark in the shape of Mexico on the cheek) and so, every place, every scenario, becomes the mirror of the identity of the people who live there.

Exceptional soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat, one of the most fascinating film composers of the current panorama, enrich the OST of Grand Hotel Budapest.

So the music, as the scenery and photography, you pay more to storytelling by creating a long Symphony.