The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann

2013 - USA

Color palette:


Excerpted from a work universally recognized as one of the great American stories, the meeting with Director Baz Luhrmannn makes it even more fragmented and kaleidoscopic this work precisely because of its multifaceted vision of cinema. The Director gives the story and focus to Nick Carraway, one of the protagonists of the film, with his eyes exploring the New York degli anni ‘ 20 in shattering charge of colors, sounds, music, parties, excitement, money and hysteria. In early sequences, all the characters are thrown in a blaze of jazz, hip-hop and pop stronger that we dipped in sparkling and roaring 20 ‘s Americans.

Luhrmann puts a contemporary music column for us this family environment and dettarne a rereading of the work. Art direction and photography will perform in front of camera movements deliberately virtuoso passages that create a wonderful world of fireworks, dances and smiles. The anticipation and suspicion of disappointment at this world that there a few years would collapse, it grows, and is felt even more with the arrival of guests for exception, the Great Gatsby, which embodies more than all this very nuanced and dangerous ambiguity. DiCaprio portrays one of the most difficult roles, reporting on the big screen one character elusive, calm but impetuous, kind but brutal, cynical yet romantic, charming and terribly frightening. The story of Gatsby questions still our conscience and our morale and questions which puts his tragic story are personal yet universal and contemporary. For this reason the Director wanted to give the movie a strong parallelism with today, making immature contrast between greed and romance, between the artificiality of wealth and poor humanity of the characters, between the rich decorations of the palaces and the degradation of carbon dump.